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Adagu (Pawn)

29th & 30th March 2013 – Tamil

8.00 pm Alliance Francaise , 1 Sarkies Road (Venue Map)

For $25 Ticket Call 93803780

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Adagu (Pawn) - Presented in Tamil

Proposed format: Adagu, is an interactive theatre presentation presented as/through a monologue. This monologue spears through the fundamentals of beliefs and filial piety. It questions the basis of humane values that has changed or transcended over time for various reasons. Delivered with Intended and Imprompto comic and puns in dialogues, the storyline incorporates reflections leadings to incidents and stories that are real and close to the heart. "What are we really pawning in life today" is the hard question this play explores.

Synopsis: The last owner in the family business of 'Pawn or temporary loan' is suddenly dead. His only son who heirs the shop, has his own interest far away from the family business, thus is now put on the spot light to decide to keep or sell the continuity of his father business. As he resonates on the memories and the various phases of his experience with his father he recollects his real inheritance, MEMORIES. He is faced with situations that he needs to amicably handle as well as to uphold the unprecedented and unobligated family heritage and dignity. "He is who he is but what he is, is based on who is he", a central idea or a roll back question the play plot devolves with and within.


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