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About Avant

Art is timeless. Art is ageless. Art needs no specific boundaries, languages, colour or space to express itself.

Avant, means ‘before' in French. It is placed before a lot of words to mean forward, advance and gives a sense of future.

We have placed Avant in front of Theatre and Language, which are two modes of expressions.

These through the mind, body and soul are the catalyst of any art form.

Avant Theatre & Language Logo

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Avant Theatre & Language Motto

Connecting Through a Universal Language - ART


Avant Theatre & Language Vision

To be the premier provider of high quality commercial theatrical performances induced from various Asian and global techniques/cultures

and also to maintain a platform for drama and theatre exploration and education through worldly initiatives.


Avant Theatre & Language Mission

Committed to Excellence in Performance Making and Creative Learning

We strive to provide each artiste with opportunities to continually develop their artistic skills in an open, holistic, challenging and supportive multi-disciplinary learning environment.

Through this Avant Theatre & Language will prepare them to play an active and responsible role as global artistic citizens in a multicultural world and the artistic industry.

In doing, so we share and support the Art and Cultural Ministries in their vision in creating Singapore a Global Arts Hub in Asia.


Avant Theatre & Language Core Values

Integrity & Commitment - Fair and honest in our claims and representation through our presentation and the desire to exceed expectation

and to ensure learning and development in evident effectively and ethically in what our actors and audience can achieve and benefit from.

Social Responsibility - Advocating respect for multicultural social development and understand the importance of seeing through growth in the area performing arts for continuity.

Artistic Citizenship – Being steadfast to the decorum and values to uphold the responsibility of an artiste in the global environment as a citizen of art

with intent to both give and receive the craft with respect and to all stakeholders and creative partners.


Avant ACRA Business Registration

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