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Avant, Australia is a non-profit organization registered with the Victorian Consumer and Business Affairs has been set up in Melbourne, Australia (B1587748C) in 2001 to serve as a platform to fuse, promote and instil various art forms so that art can grow, thrive and move forward in this world of constant change and advancement.

• Avant Australia debut theatre production was in November 2001 when we did a bilingual collaboration with ethnic artistes from Singapore which served as a launching board for us to showcase both local and international pool of talented artistes in an independent production.

• Next Avant invited International artists from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and India to create a successful blend for our production Two Spicy Masala* (*a powdery mix of herbs and spices) which added flavour and taste to the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2002.

• Four days of overwhelming support and encouragements from 2002 festival has given us the inspiration to work once again on another venture. For Melbourne Fringe Festival 2003, we are happy to partner with another Melbourne based devise theatre company, The Laughing Ostriches to present yet another enrapturing double-bill. A variety of young and budding talents tackled a wide spectrum of issues that teased, enticed and challenged the audience thinking. Asian art forms such as Bhutto from Japan, Wayang Kulit from Indonesia and Bharathanatyam from India and modern body art were explored in a movement piece where women share their inner deep dark secrets that shocked many.

• As part of 2005 Melbourne Midsumma Festival, we staged PRICE. PRICE is a captivating and sexily hilarious Indian Drag Performer's story that threw light on controversial issues affecting minorities within a minority group. Issues such as how the gay community is looked upon by the Asian community in this time and age were explored in greater detail.

• In September 2008 Polygamy was staged as an independent project. Polygamy explored patriarchy, religion and identity of the marginalised.

• Also Avant as part of its community and cultural initiative, partners with CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies) a community environmental park to cultivate the idea of multiculturalism and cultural cohort among school children. Avant advocates the nuances behind cultural practices and the understanding and appreciation of arts of Asia to understand and appreciate the other members of the community.

Avant partners with its associate theatre company in Singapore, Ravindran Drama Group, Singapore in various initiatives during 2007 to 2008 activities where company redesigned its artistic vision and goals for its theatre development. This collaborative partnership enables growth and exploration of ideas and talents across different arts organisation.

Avant is proud to celebrate its 10th Anniversary (2001 - 2011) in Singapore.

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