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A double bill performance
Chandramukhi & Sila-athigaram

Silapathigaram Introspective was initially written by Elango Vadigal and in the presentation Kanagi, Mathavi and Kovalan are presented with different perspective and viewpoint about their intensions and actions are dissected as a theatrical presentation piece in simple Tamil effectively presented with dynamic theatrical techniques and language eloquence.   Avant Theatre as part of its signature presentation of Dramatic Stage Read will explore this theatrically enhanced manner.

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Chandramukhi is an adaptation of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novella, Devdas, and is also inspired by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2002 film of the same name. As such, creative license has been taken with certain details of the original narrative to suit the purposes of this play.   Chandramukhi is an Original Script conceived from Avant Theatre’s Calvet 2015 series and later performed as Avant Theatre’s Dramatic Stage Read in 2019.  It is now being performed as a full length play due to audience demand.


Abhimayu is the son of Arjuna, one of the esteemed Panadavas. The play traces the life of Abhimanyu who was fated to demise even before he was born but rose to fame as one of the greatest heroes of the Great Kurukshetra war. His charm, his humility and respect, his bravery, his skill, his honor and his sacrifice will be portrayed in this extraordinary journey of the young warrior. The play dissects the conflict of 3 unexpected players in his life and death Draupadi, the mother who never bore him, Karna, who never divulged that he was the brother of Abhimanyu’s father and the supremo, Lord Krishna, also the maternal uncle of Abhimanyu apart from the emotional journeys and angles of Uthara, Arjuna and the other Pandavas. How was Abhimanyu able to make the mark in the shortest time he had in Mahabharata and rise above the giants in the field? How did he earn respect from friends and foes alike? What led to the demise of this warrior? And what led to his everlasting fame, even after his demise? These are some of the questions examined in the play!


Sivakami was directed by G Selva under the auspice of Apsaras Arts 2008 for late Maami or Mdm Neila Sathyalingam in English. Since then there was a lingering feeling of incomplete when a traditional literature is not presented in its original Tamil Language. This presentation will be a tribute once again by Avant Theatre to Maami in inspiring this piece on stage in English and now in Tamil. Once again Kalki’s Sivakamiyin Sabatham will be transcreated in Tamil with pomp and grandeur and presented as a magnum opus for its 20th Anniversary in 2021.