Avant Theatre & Language


Five Notorious Residents turn an Old Age Home topsy-turvy when news of COVID-19 hits them!

Avant Theatre’s “4G”, translates to “Four Generations”, aims to bring fours generation of Singapore Stage actors together in a comedy play.  The play revolves around five seniors, on the arrival of Covid-19 in Singapore, the residents in this aged care home turns the home Topsy Turvy in the attempt to comprehend the new Covid SMM and its related regulations in a comical manner.

Presented by five senior Tamil Stage actors of Singapore, this play touches on friendships, emotions and adversity in a relatable and comical approach, making it suitable for audience of all ages to enjoy. The finish product is hilarious and truly an evidence of dedication and sincerity of the 5 senior actors of Singapore Tamil Theatre. Your support matters too. Come and watch these actors on stage and validate their efforts and love, presented to you via this production.